Free Minecraft Server Hosting


We have just launched our minecraft server hosting service. Our servers are using the latest intel xeon E7 series processors with disks configured in raid 10 to ensure the server always perform at top notch. We never over sell, and resources are never shared with other users. Using “50percent” promotion code will get you started 50 percent off on any of our already super affordable hosting packages starting at just $3.49 USD / month. Visit our client portal for more details.

Where to find free minecraft server hosting
Paying for a minecraft server may not be an option for everyone. That is why we work hard to find you a list of free minecraft server hosting providers. These providers typically offer free trial periods of up to a month at a time, so take full advantage of it and see if the server stability, reliability, and customer service level is up to your standard before actually paying out of your pocket for the server.

Another alternative to using one of the provider from our list is to host a server on your own computer. Minecraft allows you to run a server on your own computer and this is extremely beneficial as it allows you to learn the server management aspect of running it remotely. Learning to configure the server, its plugins, and also learning to promote your own server can be of great assets prior to purchasing a dedicated minecraft server. More importantly, when you run the server on your own computer, you literally, have full control over it. The server can stay in operation for as long as you want it to be, you can choose who you allow to join the server, what plugins to run, and it all costs. nothing.

Follow the instructions from the youtube video below for setting up a minecraft server on your computer for free.

When you are ready to finally run a server on a reliable, paid hosting provider, you can check out our Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting page, there you will find the most comprehensive list of minecraft server providers that is constantly rated, and maintained to ensure that the list is up to date, and provides the most value to minecraft server owners like yourself. Using our comprensive list of cheap minecraft server hosting providers, you will be able to choose the server you want, that is highly rated by others like yourself, at the most affordable price.

To read more on how to choose the right minecraft server, visit our Minecraft Server Hosting page.