Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting


We have just launched our minecraft server hosting service. Our servers are using the latest intel xeon E7 series processors with disks configured in raid 10 to ensure the server always perform at top notch. We never over sell, and resources are never shared with other users. Using “50percent” promotion code will get you started 1 month free on any of our already super affordable hosting packages starting at just $3.49 USD / month. Visit our client portal for more details.

Important things to note when choosing your provider

If you have not already read our simple step by step guide on helping you choose the right server, please check our MineCraft Server Hosting page. There you will find the list of suggestions and things to look for prior to choosing your service provider. When checking for our compressive list of cheap minecraft server hosting providers, be sure to:

  1. Filter by Location – This is important because the location of the server has a direct impact on the latency for your players while they are playing on your server. Choosing a server that is closer to your player base will ensure that your players get the most pleasant gaming experience while they are on your server. For example, if the majority of your player base is located in the United States, choosing a server that is located in North America will be more beneficial to your players than having the server located in somewhere in Europe or Asia.
  1. Filter by Rating – As this list of server is constantly being rated by others whom also run minecraft servers, their ratings on these providers tells you about the stability, reliability, and customer service level of the┬áparticular service provider. This is important to you as a minecraft server owner because when you take these ratings into consideration prior to picking your service provider, you will have already saved yourself from the frustration of having to deal with servers that are unreliable, unstable, or offer little / poor customer service.
  1. Filter by Price – The minecraft server hosting industry is very competitive, as there are so many of them out there. This means that by comparing the prices, you will be getting your server at the most affordable price. Who doesn’t want to keep the money in their pocket if they can? :)

After you get your server up and running

Please don’t forget to help us rate these servers because they have helped you, and your rating will help others as well.

List of Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Providers

Rating Provider Location Details
10/10 BMSHosting USA Cheapest minecraft hosting around, prices start at $3.49/month, fully featured : dedicated ip address, dedicated memory, multicraft control panel, integrated ftp, Free MySQL database, 24/7 customer support.