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Who we are
Minecraft Server Hosting is your final stop on your quest to find the most reliable minecraft hosting solutions that are either affordable, or completely free. We provide a master list of hosting providers around the world that have proven themselves worthy by providing their customers with reliable minecraft servers. We will also rank these providers by price of service, customer support, and reliability to help you choose the server that is right for you. Please take a few minutes and read these simple steps below on identifying what is needed for your minecraft server, then compare our list with your available budget, and finally get your favourite game server that you can have fun owning and managing yourself!

How many players are you planning on to have?

Knowing just how many players are you planning on serving is the most critical step before purchasing your server. Just like many other forms of hosting solutions, the more demand, or load that is required for the server to provide, the more expensive the server is going to cost.

The server specifications should directly correspond to the number of players you estimate to have. Having more players on a server that is not capable of handling these players will result in the server being extremely laggy and unstable, and ultimately the loss of your player base.

Use the table below as your guideline on your server specification, remember to always have more server power than what is actually required to serve the players as this will ensure that your players will have the most pleasant gaming experience while on your server; this is the most important factor that determines the popularity of a minecraft server.

Players Number of Processors Amount of Memory Bandwidth Required
<10 1 512MB 10GB
<20 2 1024MB 20GB
<30 2 2048MB 40GB
<50 2 4096MB 100GB

One should also pay attention to the amount of bandwidth that is allocated to the purchased server, as the more players playing on the server also means more bandwidth being used. Most of the server providers these days will have at least 100 mbps connection so that is usually not a problem. What may become an issue is that some providers charge over bandwidth usage fees and more than often this fee results in a pretty significant amount. Be sure to always check on the total bandwidth usage allowed per month for the server that you are purchasing to avoid having to pay an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

How long are you planning on running the server?

Some minecraft server hosting providers will offer discounts for those renting their servers for durations longer than a month. These discounts can range from 5% to sometimes even 25%, and represents significant saving on your part. Be sure to always ask for discounts to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible.

How to choose the right server?

Once you have an idea on how many players you want to have on your server, you will have some idea on what the server requirement is going to be. It is then time for you to find the hosting provider that will work for you.

Things that you need to pay attention to are:

  1. Location of the server –  The location of the server may be of importance to you. The latency ( time it takes for the player to communicate to the server and vice versa ) is directly proportional to the physical distance between the player and the server. For example, if you are wanting to serve players in the United States, it is better to have a server that is physically located in North America rather than somewhere in  Europe, or Asia. The longer the distance is from the player to the server, the more laggy the server will seem to t he player.
  2. Customer support rating – Setting up a minecraft server and then configuring the plugins to have the server up and running smooth will be a tedious task for most people. Although the amount of technical knowledge required to configure a minecraft server is not very intense, it may still be of challenge to most players that are unfamiliar to server configurations. This is why having proper customer support, with or without pay, can be of essence to the purchase of your server.
  3. Stability of the server – Having a reliable server that is stable is of the most importance to your player base and to you as a server owner. A minecraft server that goes offline due to issues on the providers end can seriously annoy your player base. If you are going to pay for a minecraft server, make sure that their service is reliable by looking for the ones with highest stability and reliability rating

Finally, check our Cheap Minecraft Server Hosting Page to find a list of hosting providers that are the most affordable, or alternatively find Free Minecraft Server Hosting and learn how to manage a server prior to purchasing one. If you are just looking to join a publicly hosted server and have fun right away, check out our Minecraft Server List.